Why Assessments are Valuable

Why Assessments are Valuable

Assessments of many types are valuable because they help you understand where you are so you can improve in ways that really make a difference for you.  As with any development or growth program, it is imperative to see clearly where you are so you can map the course forward.  Recognizing your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, preferences, gifts, talents, passions, blind spots, and more are all part of the self-awareness process which is the beginning point of any conscious development efforts.

"Know Thyself" is a famous dictum not just because it was spoken by Socrates but because it is so true.  At 4Q Smart we help you know yourself through many different assessments.  Knowing your personality type is essential to help you see your natural tendencies and preferences that cause you to act unconsciously to get the results you are currently getting whether they are desirable or not.  By making your type preferences explicit, you gain the ability to make a choice where before you were just reacting without much thought.  You can also recognize your natural blind spots and your natural talents.

4Q Smart offers assessments and debriefing in many areas: PQ, physical intelligence looking at your sleep, exercise, diet, nutrition, recreation, and energy; IQ, mental intelligence looking at your adult development level of cognitive complexity; EQ, emotional intelligence looking at your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills; SQ, spiritual intelligence looking at your purpose, values, and ability to act with wisdom, compassion, and equanimity; CQ, cultural intelligence looking at your ability to act appropriately in your own culture and the very different cultures of others; Team Development by looking at the differences between team members and how it relates to the larger group; Leadership Development by looking at the strengths and weaknesses in executives to perform their roles with excellence.

Take a holistic approach to your development.  Some skill development is dependent on other skills being developed first.  You could be wasting your time by taking an ineffective approach and not considering all the dependencies involved in your growth.

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