Coaching - Consulting - Training - Public Speaking

We offer coaching, consulting and training for personal and organizational development.  We work with individuals, groups and organizations of all types.  Whether you want a one-time assessment and consultation or an ongoing coaching and training engagement, we can support your requests.

Individual Coaching and Assessments

Individual Coaching and Assessments

Individual assessment with a one-hour debriefing of the report generated from the assessment.  Optional coaching is offered to assist with the action plan co-created with and for the client during the debriefing.

Team assessment

Team Assessments and Training

Team assessments and training are offered to groups that work together.  Whether the team works in the same geographical location or in various parts of the world, assessments and training can be conducted in person or online.

Executive coaching

Executive Coaching and Assessment

Executive coaching and leadership development are offered with a variety of assessments and practices.  A W.I.S.E. program is created to assure that the growth and development are supported long-term and reinforce the learning and new behaviors.

Spiritual Leaders facilitation

Spiritual Leadership Development

Spiritual leadership development is a passion for us.  We help spiritual leaders wake up and grow up to their full potential so they can show up powerfully and effectively as change agents in the world.  Whether they be ministers, coaches, counselors, business leaders or any other professional, developing spiritually helps them fulfill their purpose and make a greater contribution to their families, clients, followers, and ultimately to the world.

Public speaking

Public speaking

Public speaking and keynote addresses are offered on a variety of topics related to emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, adult development, religious and cultural diversity, leadership, integral theory, and the holistic approach to personal and organizational development.


Workshop Facilitation

Workshops are offered to teach and practice skills enrichment in any or all of the four primary intelligences.  Facilitated learning is fun and interactive.  Guaranteed to provide immediate tools and learning that can be applied immediately both personally and professionally.

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