Get W.I.S.E

Get W.I.S.E

The acronym W.I.S.E. stands for Whole and Integrated Skills Enrichment.  We want to be wise and want you to be wise by using an approach to growth and development that will actually work and be sustained over time even in difficult situations.  The W.I.S.E approach develops one's physical (PQ), mental (IQ), emotional (EQ), and spiritual (SQ) intelligences of their human nature so the person is well rounded and developed in all aspects important to living a successful and fulfilled life.

While specialization is a great way to help organizations gain expertise in specific areas when approaching personal development we can't be so narrow-minded.  While organizations can afford to have individuals specialize, they need to look at the organization as a whole to assure that all people and elements of the organization are whole and integrated.  Examples of people who are not whole and integrated include people who have high IQ and PQ while being underdeveloped in EQ and SQ.  They might be really strong and smart, but they are unbearable to work with because they lack the compassion and people skills to get along with others in an effective manner.

A person who is whole and integrated takes all four intelligences into account and recognizes the need to develop all four.  They pay attention to PQ by maintaining healthy eating habits, exercise, sleep, rest, and recreatation.  In addition, they pay attention to IQ - their cognitive development - by continuing to learn, read, explore new concepts, and challenge their minds with riddles, paradoxes, polarities, and mystery.  While continuing to develop PQ and IQ, whole and integrated people develop their EQ and SQ skills at the same time.

They improve their EQ by developing greater emotional self-awareness, empathy, and self-regulation of their emotional responses important for good relationships.  Depending on the EQ model, there are between 12-18 skills to develop for higher proficiency.  High EQ leads to more harmony, efficiency, and effectiveness in relationships and organizations.

Those who have some proficiency in EQ are ready to develop their SQ in powerful ways.  "SQ is the central and most important of all the intelligences because it is the source and guidance of the other three." ~Stephen R. Covey.

Spiritual intelligence (SQ) is defined by Cindy Wigglesworth as "the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion while maintaining inner and outer peace regardless of the situation."  SQ has 21 skills in categories of Self-Awareness, Univeral Awareness, Self Mastery, and Social Mastery/Spiritual Presence.  Those with high SQ are balanced, insightful, intuitive, purpose and values-driven, mature, trustworthy, and able to respond to any given situation with grace, care, and wisdom.

Through interviews, questionnaires, and assessments, we partner with the client to co-create a customized program that enriches and integrates the necessary skills of all four primary intelligences leading to the client's development goal.  Priority is given to the development of intelligences and skills that are immediately needed based on the client's current situation.  Every client's overall situation is different so a custom approach is needed and must be whole and integrated.

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