The Four Quadrants of 4Q Smart

The Four Quadrants of 4Q Smart

The 4Q in our name represents not only the four key intelligences (PQ, IQ, EQ, SQ) but also represents the four quadrants of Integral Theory's AQAL map.  The map is divided into four quadrants in which the other elements arise.  We will talk more about the other elements (lines, levels, states, and types) in other posts.

The four quadrants are represented by the combinations of individual and collective mixed with interior and exterior dimensions.  Therefore, you have individual interior and individual exterior along with collective interior and collective exterior.

Coaching, training, and organizational development all need to consider the four quadrants when making a change.  Many leadership development and organizational change efforts do not last or never take hold because they do not recognize the powerful impact of the quadrants not addressed in the change effort.  The four quadrants must tetra-arise in order to be sustained.  For example, if personal growth occurs within a leader but the organizational culture and structure do not support the change, then it will quickly fade and old behaviors reoccur.

All coaching, training, and consulting conducted by 4Q Smart takes into account the four quadrants - also known as dimension-perspectives - so that positive change will be supported and sustained in the individuals and organizations engaging in growth initiatives.  The approach to change and growth must be holistic and integrated or it will fail.  If you are looking for sustainable growth and development, keep in mind the four quadrants and address them in all your change efforts whether individual or collective.

To learn more about the four quadrants, please watch this video by Ken Wilber the creator of the AQAL (All quadrants, all lines, all levels, all states, and all types) map.

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